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Sacramento City Animal Shelter pleads for help

Sacramento City Animal Shelter pleads for help

PHOTOS: Sacramento City Animal Shelter

Despite the extraordinary increase in adoptions at the end of the year, countless dogs and cats sit waiting for new homes.  All are stray or surrendered by their owners. 

Regardless of requests for help from rescue organizations, the supply exceeds the demand or capacity.  Rescue partners are working feverishly to assist in saving the animals, but the real solution lies with our community.

Pet of the Week- Zoie

Pet of the Week- Zoie

Zoie is a sweet, energetic Hound mix that loves nothing more then being outside and playing!

She is young (only a year and nine-months-old) and is very intelligent-so she has a lot of potential for training and positive reinforcement! Zoie is a really playful and loving girl, who's 'happy place' is being outside playing fetch.  She knows her and name and sits on command...already a great little buddy in the making!
Zoie would do best in an active home with an experienced owner who is often home to run, play and explore the world with her. She should do fine with older children at home but no cats please! Other dogs should be OK.

She's looking for a place to call home, come pay her a visit!!

Pets of the Week- Rufus & Emma

Pets of the Week- Rufus & Emma

Meet Rufus & Emma!

Rufus (male) is about five-years-old and Emma (female) is four-years-old and they are the BEST of friends!

Both are Bassett Hounds mixes and are a mandatory dual adoption, which means they must go home together. So if you're looking for two little buddies to join your family, they are a great catch! The price for these dogs is $150 for both (As the second dog is half-priced on dual adoptions).

They love to play outside, ride in cars and just hang out with their people friends.

Come pay them a visit and see what a sweet pair they are. www.sspca.org



Sacramento firefighters revive family cat

SACRAMENTO - Firefighters responded to a house fire on La Sierra Dr. in Sacramento Wednesday night and ended up saving more than the family's home.

Upon entering the home, firemen from stations 54 and 105 found little O.J. the family cat near death and pulled him from the burning building, according to a SacMav.org article. 

Once outside, the team began resuscitation efforts on the cat.  After about 45 minutes, the crew's perseverance paid off and little O.J. came back to life.

The family's neighbor rushed O.J. to the vet and he is expected to survive, according to the SacMav.org report.

Pets of the Week- Samuel & Jackson

Pets of the Week- Samuel & Jackson

Such a great duo!

Samuel and Jackson are both eight-year-old black Labrador mixes looking for a new family to curl up to. While they are not a mandatory dual adoption, it is recommended that they stay together, because they are the BEST of friends! They both enjoy long walks and playing ball, while also laying around and hanging out with their people friends. Both dogs would prefer dog-friendly homes that have older children.
Their ages qualify them both for our ‘Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program’ which waives the adoption fees to an adopter over the age of sixty.

Do Samuel and Jackson seem like a great match for your family and lifestyle?

Check them out online at www.sspca.org.

New Year's Resolutions not JUST for people!

New Year's Resolutions not JUST for people!

With the New Year just around the corner, resolutions weigh heavy on the minds of most people.  At the Sacramento SPCA, we figured that these same concerns might be occupying the thoughts of some of our animal friends.  So, we took a random poll of the more than 400 dogs, cats, rabbits and even a couple of rats at our shelter and this is what we discovered:

  • Four out of five dogs feel the need to exercise more
  • Walking was the number one exercise of choice, with fetch coming in as a close second
  • 65% of all animals surveyed are interested in pursuing healthier eating habits
  • A whopping 96% of the cats surveyed vowed to get more sleep in the coming year
  • 78% of dogs were determined to learn something new, while 99% of all cats thought that they already knew everything
  • 87% of dogs and 8% of cats planned to travel more in the coming year
  • 100% of all animals surveyed resolved to spend more time with friends