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2 teens arrested in Arden mall fight that panicked shoppers

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento police have identified two of the three teens arrested in Wednesday's fight at Arden Fair Mall.

The incident created chaos and panic as shoppers thought gunshots were fired.

Dremon O'Deal, 19, and Louis Santiago, 18, were apprehended along with a 15-year-old teen and booked on charges of fighting in a public place, according to Officer Doug Morse.

Santiago said he and his friend O'Deal went to the mall to go shopping. The two were in the food court when another guy approached his friend and threw him a look and that's when O'Deal got mad, Santiago said.

"[O'Deal] threw a punch," Santiago said. After that, the group began to throw punches. "We just got into a fight; there were two of us and 30 of them."

3 teens arrested after fight at Arden mall causes panic

SACRAMENTO, CA - Arden Fair Mall went into lockdown after a large fight in the food court Wednesday around 4:45 p.m.

Sacramento police said three teens were arrested after a fist-fight, involving 20 juveniles, broke out.

"He swung at one of the dudes; they started fighting and all the groups jumped in, and they all started fighting," said shopper Gabby Miller, who witnessed the fight.

Miller said even after police and mall security jumped in, some of the teens kept fighting.

"The police caught maybe three of them, and then they all came over here towards the pretzel place and did it a second time," Miller explained. 

That's when many customers in the mall went into a panic. The loud sounds from the fight echoed through the mall sounding like gunshots.

"Something similar to gunshots; we don't know if there was actually gunshots, but it did sound like shots," store employee Crystal Rocha said. 

'Operation Grinch' nabs 12 parole violators

SACRAMENTO, CA - A team of local officers arrested 12 parole violators Wednesday during "Operation Grinch."

Nearly 30 officers from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, U.S. Marshals, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies split into four teams and went door-to-door in Sacramento looking for violators.

"We are focusing on all parole[e]s, mainly parole[e]s at large, people who haven't reported, maybe have committed a new crime and have a warrant in the system," said Alex Hoang, a CDC parole officer.

During the first sting operation of the day, officers arrested a parole violator after about 30 minutes of trying to talk him out.

"It's rare we get somebody at the first one unless we have good information like this morning," said Hoang.

Teams moved on to other residences throughout the day. Many of the locations came up empty.

Manager held hostage: I thought I was going to die

SACRAMENTO, CA - Jack in the Box Manager Edna Davis said the moment gunman Xang Khang held a gun to her head replays in her mind constantly. She said she could only think of her family.

"My kids growing up without their mother; I have three boys. Heck of scared," Davis said. "I was thinking about I am going to die."

Davis said Khang entered the fast food restaurant and immediately began acting strange. Minutes later she said he pulled a gun.

"When he clicked the gun, when I see the gun, I was just not thinking at all," Davis said.

Davis said she dialed call 911, but then Khang spotted her on the phone.

"When the guy walked in he followed me, and said 'why are you calling police?' When he turned around then I run," Davis said. "I just ducked and run through the back door."

Deputies search for Arden sexual assault suspect

SACRAMENTO, CA - Detectives search for a man connected to two sexual assaults in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento.

Sacramento County sheriff's Sgt. Jason Ramos said the man is a suspect in two assaults, two weeks apart, where he forced himself into two women's apartments, sexually assaulted the victims and then fled the scenes.

The first incident happened on Nov. 23 inside her apartment on the 3100 block of Trussel Way; the second case happened on Dec. 7 inside of an apartment on the 2200 block of Howe Avenue.

The suspect in both cases is described as a white or Hispanic man 5'8" to 6' tall, weighing about 180 to 220 pounds with a medium stocky build, Ramos said.

The sheriff's department released a sketch of the suspect.