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I'm a Thin Mint with Tagalong Tendencies | Family

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I'm a Thin Mint with Tagalong Tendencies
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I'm a Thin Mint with Tagalong Tendencies

It's Girl Scout cookie time again! This blog was a huge hit last year, so in case you missed it (and because my kids are out of school for Ski Week) - What does your favorite Girl Scout cookie say about your personality?

Momservation: It’s either a testament to knowing your weaknesses or a sad statement on self-control if your daughter is not a Girl Scout because of your cookie temptation.


However, here’s something interesting. I’ve always said you can tell a person’s personality by their favorite ice cream flavor. I’m thinking it’s the same for their favorite Girl Scout cookie. So in a totally unscientific poll (because I just made this up) I’ve come up with what your Girl Scout cookie preference says about you:

You Are What Girl Scout Cookie You Eat

Do-Si-Dos™ – You are a kid at heart. You love the traditional things in life – mom’s home cooking, pbj with the crusts cut off, a cold glass of milk with cookies. You would trade your whole lunch for NutterButters as a kid...

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Family, Moms

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