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The Spa at Arden Hills Voted “Best Day Spa” For 7 Consecutive Years! | Fun

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The Spa at Arden Hills Voted “Best Day Spa” For 7 Consecutive Years!
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The Spa at Arden Hills Voted “Best Day Spa” For 7 Consecutive Years!

For seven straight years -- 2005 through 2011 -- Sacramento Magazine subscribers have voted The Spa at Arden Hills as the “Best Day Spa” in the region as part of the magazine’s annual competition.

While seven consecutive years is a feat in and of itself, it’s not surprising that guests of The Spa at Arden Hills love their experience.  Before their treatments, guests enjoy the Serenity Room where they are surrounded by the soothing sights and sounds of fountains and an amazing waterfall.  Staffed with a team of trained experts in the latest body and beauty treatments, The Spa offers a full range of services for both men and women that include a variety of facials, body treatments, nail services, waxing and, of course, spa parties that are very popular for bridal parties and other group celebrations.   The ambiance at The Spa is designed so guests feel pampered and transported to a peaceful, rejuvenating place that relaxes and soothes the body and mind.  In addition to the specialty treatments -- many of which are made with organic products or natural ingredients -- guests can luxuriate in a thermal whirlpool and steam room either before or after their treatments as well as enjoy private showers, lockers and other accommodations that add to the indulgent experience.

And, when it comes to exercise, fitness and world-class athletic training programs, Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa stands alone in the region with more than 50 years experience and a proud heritage of Olympic medal success.  With a coveted reputation for providing top-notch swimming and tennis instruction, Arden Hills also offers a prized, 50,000-square foot indoor Fitness Pavilion complete with the latest workout equipment, a full gymnasium, a state-of-the-art Strength & Conditioning facility, multiple fitness studios for group exercise classes, dedicated personal training areas and more.  Fitness, exercise and training options are virtually unlimited and are available for all Resort guests to explore, maximize and enjoy to their fullest.

All Resort guests are welcome at The Spa at Arden Hills or to take advantage of the wide variety of fitness, personal training and exercise offerings open to everyone.   For more information about The Spa, fitness activities or Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa in general, please call 916-482-6111 or visit www.ardenhills.net.

About Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa

For more than a half century, Arden Hills has been at the forefront of inspiring young and old to experience a more abundant life.  Whether it is world-class athletes needing that extra edge, business professionals looking to improve their productivity, or individuals seeking to improve their self image through health and beauty enhancement, they all look to Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa, a state-of-the-art wellness resort offering cutting edge technology and education combined with first-class service.  Sound nutrition is the foundation of our wellness philosophy.  Our award winning chefs specialize in natural, organic whole foods and are supported by a highly trained nutritional staff.  Situated in the heart of California’s capital, Arden Hills has been both world-renowned and treasured by locals throughout its colorful history.  The wealth of services offered at Arden Hills are available to both members and to daily and overnight guests.  Enter the Resort and be prepared to be transformed on your way to a more fulfilling life of health and happiness. To explore and experience the wide range of wellness offerings available to everyone, visit www.ardenhills.net or call 916-482-6111.

Fun, Health, Life

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