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Powerball jackpot grows, thanks to Calif.

SACRAMENTO - Is it time to get your Powerball tickets yet?  The current estimated jackpot stands at $116 million. 

Two weeks ago, when the state joined Powerball, California immediately set a record, selling more than $8 million worth of tickets in the first three days.

A week ago, the grand prize was $80 million and the last six times that happened, it rose by the minimal increment, going from 80 to 90, then to $100 million.  But this time, it went from 80 to 95, to $116 million.

California is just one of 43 Powerball states, but the state also accounts for about 12 percent of the population.  Long-term, the jackpots will grow faster.  But the odds of someone hitting the jackpot is now greater as well.

90 firefighters battle 3-alarm blaze at former Arden sports store

90 firefighters battle 3-alarm blaze at former Arden sports store

ARDEN-ARCADE - Sacramento Metro firefighters battled a 3-alarm commercial fire Sunday afternoon that sent massive plumes of smoke into the sky.

The fire broke out around 1 p.m. at a vacant building formerly occupied by a sporting goods retailer at Watt Ave and Arden Way.

More than 90 firefighters helped to contain the fire, as the roof of the building collapsed, said Sacramento Metro Fire spokesperson Rashawn Fulcher.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but firefighters said the vacant property has a history of problems with squatters.

Arden Way to Hurley Way was blocked off for several hours.

Cal Expo seeks sponsors to mount giant Disney letters

SACRAMENTO, CA - Spelling the name "CALIFORNIA" isn't as simple as it might seem when each letter weighs as much as 13,000 pounds.

Disney donated the 10 cast concrete letters to Cal Expo last year as part of its makeover of the California Adventure theme park, but did not offer to pay for the letters to be installed in Sacramento.

PHOTOS: Huge and heavy 'CALIFORNIA' letters

Cal Expo is now seeking one or more sponsors to pick up the cost of mounting the iconic letters at the state fairgrounds, which could run as high as $100,000.

Cal Expo marketing and public relations director Michelle Prater said they have roughly 30 days to raise the money if they hope to have the letters in place for the opening of the 160th California State Fair on July 12.

Sutter Medical Center in midtown Sacramento nears completion

SACRAMENTO, CA -- The Sutter Medical Center in midtown Sacramento has been under construction for five years and is now set to open in summer 2014.

"The electrical work is done. The plumbing, the duct work, all of the seismic work is done. They're doing cabling," said Larry Maas who oversees the medical center construction project. He said construction has been delayed a few times, but is now scheduled for completion in February 2014.

Once construction is completed, Maas said it will take up to six months to move into the new facility.

"When we actually move patients into this new campus, it's not a dress rehearsal: everything needs to be perfect," he said. "Our staff will have been trained, oriented, practiced, then we need to carry off the logistics of moving all the patients from Sutter Memorial.

Maloofs set Friday deadline for Sacramento Kings offer

SACRAMENTO, CA - The Maloof family is saying those behind the Sacramento bid to buy the Sacramento Kings have until 5 p.m. Friday to submit a written, binding offer that matches that of a Seattle group, sources say.

The Seattle contingent, led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, has offered the Maloofs $525 million for their 65 percent stake in the team.

Last week, the Sacramento investment group submitted its offer to buy the Kings and build a new arena to the NBA's relocation and finance committees. The dollar figure wasn't made public, however, it was likely more than an earlier offer that Commissioner David Stern described as not financially comparable to Seattle's.

The Sacramento group made verbal dollar commitments. The Maloofs want them in writing. If received, the family says it will consider the offer seriously if NBA owners vote against the Seattle proposal.

CHP identifies pedestrian struck and killed on Watt Ave.

SACRAMENTO, CA - California Highway Patrol investigators don't know why a North Highlands woman suddenly ran onto Watt Avenue and was struck by a car.

Laura Barnes, 54, suffered major injuries when a 2012 Honda Civic driven by a 47-year-old Carmichael woman hit her, said Officer Lizz Dutton. Barnes was transported to UC Davis Medical Center where she later died from her injuries.

The collision took place on Watt Ave. just north of Barberry Lane at approximately 8:40 p.m. The Honda was traveling about 40-45 mph in the second southbound lane.

Dutton said Barnes was not in a crosswalk when she ran across from the east side of Watt to the west side. It wasn't known yet if alcohol or drugs played a part in her actions.

What's with all the wind?

SACRAMENTO - Unless you've been living underground in Sacramento or the surrounding areas since Sunday night, you've likely noticed some severely strong winds in the area.  If you've ever wondered where wind comes from or what makes it windier on some days than others, meteorologist Ashton Altieri's following explanation should help to clear things up a bit:

"Wind is caused by air flowing from high pressure to low pressure because the laws of physics (specifically the Second Law of Thermodynamics) say states of higher energy always move toward states of lower energy.

Since last weekend, Northern California has been between a large area of low pressure to our east and a large area of high pressure to the west. The closer the high and low pressure areas are together, the stronger the "pressure gradient" will be and the stronger the winds.