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Fans head to Levi's Stadium on the train

Fans head to Levi's Stadium on the train

With the San Francisco 49ers' first game at their new Levi's Stadium set for Sunday, some in the Central Valley are seeing the Capitol Corridor Amtrak train as the best way to get there, while saving both time and money.

"I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I mean, the first train - I will probably be on it because I want to go to the 49er game. I do not like the drive," said Carrie Croteau, as she stood in line at the Sacramento Amtrak station ticket window.

Several Sunday trains can get you Levi's Stadium in time for 49ers games for $55.50 round trip, that includes a 25 percent discount Amtrak is providing through April 2015. The trip should take about 2 hours and 40 minutes, according to Amtrak.

The trains drop passengers within a short five minute walk of the stadium, eliminating the need to pay for parking.

Noted California zoo director dies while on a trip

Noted California zoo director dies while on a trip

SACRAMENTO (AP) - Officials say the executive director of a zoo in Northern California has died unexpectedly during a trip overseas.

Mary Healy, the executive director and chief executive officer of the Sacramento Zoo, died Thursday while traveling to the Galapagos Islands.

Zoo spokeswoman Tonja Candelaria said Saturday the 61-year-old Healy had left a port in Ecuador by ship when she suffered a cerebral aneurysm and was declared brain dead.

Candelaria says Healy was headed to the Galapagos Islands on business and vacation to see animals in the wild and their habitats. Healy's husband was traveling with her.

The widely respected Healy, who had been the Sacramento Zoo's director for nearly 15 years, also worked at zoos in Texas and South Carolina and at a Disney animal park in Florida.

Classic cars cruise streets of Sacramento

Classic cars cruise streets of Sacramento

Hundreds of classic cars will be cruising down Sacramento streets Saturday afternoon during this year's California Automobile Museum Car Cruise.

The route starts at Sacramento State University at 4 p.m. as cars drive down Fair Oaks Boulevard and Fulton Avenue.

The event ends with a huge car show between El Camino and Marconi Avenue and will feature a beer garden, food trucks and a music festival.

People can register their classic ride at Sac State starting at 1 p.m. The on-site fee is $50.

You can find all the information about the California Automobile Museum Car Cruise at http://bit.ly/1shkv7P

Sacramento shop makes the ultimate sweet treat: Ice-cream filled donuts

SACRAMENTO - At least two local bakeries are putting their own culinary twist on the doughnut, and the result could topple the Cronut in popularity.

Meet the ice cream puff: an ice-cream filling inside a hot, squishy, doughnut.

Among the local establishments selling the confection is The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs in Arden-Arcade.

"My brother and I, we're both really big foodies so this is really just a combination of our crazy imaginations and every food adventure we've ever had," Parlor co-owner Lani Tran said. "We've made it into this thing."

But how do ice cream and fillings get inside a doughnut? Tran is keeping that process a secret.

"We take it to the back, do a little bit of magic, reseal it and that's what you have," she said.

Email chain shows homeowners pressured city staff to block Sacramento River access

Email chain shows homeowners pressured city staff to block Sacramento River access

SACRAMENTO - Homeowners on two riverfront cul-de-sacs pressured city staff to block public access from their neighborhood to the Sacramento River for at least five years before the residents erected fences on their own.

That information is contained in scores of email exchanges dating back a decade provided by the city of Sacramento in response to a Public Records Act request from News10.

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D.A. Has oil 'exploding' in Sacramento County

Instances of people making hash oil, which is concentrated THC derived form marijuana, has become so prevalent in Sacramento County the district attorney has issued an alert.

According to the D.A.'s office, butane is typically used to produce hash oil. Butane vapors can condense in a low-lying cloud that is highly explosive when ignited by something as simple as a gas pilot light, overhead light switch, or even an automatic switch in an air conditioner or refrigerator.

The result is a blast and fire that can injure and kill, and damage and destroy structures.

Hash oil is also known as honey oil, wax, ear wax, shatter, dabs, BHO, oil and concentrated cannabis. Signs of hash oil production include marijuana plant trimmings (the mature buds are used for hash oil), butane canisters, PVC tubing, glass tubes, coffee filters and hose clamps.

Car crash on El Camino causes power outages


SACRAMENTO - A car crashed into a pole on El Camino Avenue between Watt and Eastern avenues Tuesday morning causing an power outage that affected 399 people in the Arden Arcade area.

Electricity has been restored to most customers, according to SMUD. Forty-eight customers were still without power as of early afternoon. The estimated full restoration time is 3 p.m.